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Hand-crafted Commerce

Malabar Lda is a handicraft trade company specializing in ceramics from Coimbra.
It has a network of 7 stores, located in the most emblematic historical and tourist area of the Coimbra city. Each of the seven stores sells different product lines that can be found in the online store. The huge range and quality certified, allowed the company's brand be stronger in the market.

Malabar, aims to satisfy its customers by sending abroad all the pieces available in its 7 stores. We have TAX FREE, in the purchase of our products in our physical store, in an amount higher than 65.50 euros. This is a fee, with a refund, for customers residing abroad, in countries outside the European Union.

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+351 239 193 993


To place the order, the user must choose the products to buy by adding them to the cart. After completing the order, the user must register/login, if you are already a PayPal account and choose the method of delivery, or pay through your international credit card.


Malabar provides users with the following payment methods: Paypal or Credit Card. Any card accepted by the Paypal platform (you do not need to register with Paypal). You can make your purchases from anywhere in the world, regardless of your country or currency.


If you wish to return any product from Malabar, You can only do so within a maximum of 30 days to make the return. We have customer support number:
Telephone +351 239 193 993 business days from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

PayPal is an online electronic trading system. It is a secure system that allows you to make payments through interbank transactions, without having to expose your credit card number to the merchant. You can make your purchases from anywhere in the world, regardless of your country, or your currency. Not being registered as a PayPal user you can use Visa, MasterCard,

Discover and American Express credit cards to make payments.

Hand-crafted Commerce